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About Us

Or more specifically 'about me' and why I want to make cakes for your pretty little faces.

Image of a red haired girl next to a chocolate celebration cake
Me awkwardly posing next to a cake I made

ACHE for cake was a love child born outta pure gluttonous greed, and the shame of this, requiring that I find a respectable reason to consume cake everyday. "I have to eat cake its my job", "I'm just testing the flavours to perfect my recipe" are daily mantras in my kitchen.

If I wouldn't eat it, I wont sell it. Which, to be honest, covers most food really. Except broad beans bleughhhh, the texture! the dryness!! Why????!!!! Noo!!!! What I actually mean by this is indulgence and high-quality, well-sourced, ingredients are a must at ACHE for cake. We don't just do this to be peng, You can not make a good cake from poor ingredients. No corners are cut here, we use high-end products and organic as much as possible. We would never ever ever EVER use eggs that are not free-range.

Endlessly fascinated by the magic of baking and how eggs, butter and sugar can be conjured into literally anything, (well except vegan cakes- that's a special magic of its own) I fancy myself as a magician. I spent a fair bit of my youth working in a pub kitchen which is where I first discovered my love of food and creating edible magic.

Me hiding from my narcisistic gluttony or something

A humble background in fine art also means I'm meticulous perfectionist, with a love of colour, shape and form (It also means I'm a bit nuts - in case you've not caught on). Many moons ago I made a lifelike version of my own head in cake and ate it in the name of Art. True story. It was a statement on narcissistic gluttony of our self image, and feminism, and freud, or something? This was pre-social media anxiety being a thing - what a visionary ;-)

Anyway, What I'm trying to say is, I like to visually challenge myself, I do this mostly by restraining myself from eating all my cake orders before delivery, but other than that I like to experiment & try new techniques and styles, to you know, keep it fresh. I will never send anything other than perfect

If you're still reading this, I've hopefully not terrified you.....I'm worried this post makes me sound MUCH more interesting than I actually am. I'm really very quiet and a bit of a work-a-holic, very serious most of the time. I just want to feed people with delicious cakes that look as beautiful as they taste. Oh, I totally forgot to say! My name is Davina Bye, just so you know.


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