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Ain't No Cake like an ACHE for cake cake

We luuurve love. We love weddings! And we especially love couples wanting to step outside the ordinary. On your special day it's your opportunity to go wild and have the decadent party of your dreams. This party DEFINITELY has a badass cake at the centre. WE WILL MAKE YOU THAT CAKE.

We specialise in cakes that are elegant yet still ridiculously fun. Not only do our cakes look AMAZING they taste DIVINE too. And no probs if you want your dream cake to be (or partly have elements that are) gluten free, egg free or vegan – we got you.


Get in touch so we can start working together.

Let’s Work Together

We can arrange an initial consultation, virtual or in person, with a tasting as part of the betrothal service. A consultation includes a sample of 3 scrummy flavours of cake of your choosing, a detailed chat about designs, pricing and logistics for the day. It's always helpful to sit down and hear exactly what a couple are looking for, and we can tweak at the cakes design until we get it just right. 

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Wedding Cake Enquiry Form

PLEASE NOTE: We currently can only cater to London based weddings 


Thanks for your enquiry!

Prices start at around £5 per slice depending on size, tiers and style required. Our Slices are dessert sized at 3" x2.5" x1"


You can be certain that we use high quality / fairtrade ingredients across all our bakes ensuring they taste divine and are ethically sound.

Flavours can vary across tiers (coz why not?!) or simply stick with your favourite for the entire cake.

IF you want to cater for Vegan or Gluten free, but don't want the main cake (or a tier of the main cake) to be either of these  we can organise for separate gluten free or vegan cutting cakes to display alongside the Main cake.


Just complete our quick enquiry form and we'll take it from there ...